College Motto

"Atta’hi attano natho" 

" One is the master of oneself "

This is an excerpt from stanza no. 168 of the Dhammapada. It appears in the Atta Vagga of the Dhammapada, as its 4th verse.
This motto is often quoted and invoked both by teachers and students of the College. 
It has been their inspiration throughout, in their careers and in life, in general. 
It has scrumptiously shaped the personalities of us both in their public and personal life. 
It is the source of the self-confidence of all of us where ever they go.
In fact, it happens to be the hallmark of any of us. 
The full stanza in the Dhammapada reads as follows and is no less inspiring:

Atta’hi attano natho,
ko’hi natho paro sia
Attana’va sudantena, 
natham labhati dullabham.

One is the Master of oneself.
What other Master could there be?
By the restraint of oneself alone 
could that rare Mastery be achieved?