School History

All Saints' College is majestically located in the uniquely glorious ancient Dutch fortress, presently hailed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. Walled by the mighty ramparts of the pristine colonial citadel, All Saints trumpets many an age old gold traditions of victories and gains in the domains of education, sports, religion and culture.

Notwithstanding the annexing of modern buildings in the recent times, some antiquated constructions blended with the extremely fascinating Dutch architecture still exist with the school premises, evoking a sense of colonial grandeur.

All saints’ college commences as an educational institutions in the year of 1867 AD, under the eminent patronage of lord peterand angelican church, with a total of 137 students in the roll. Some reliable chronicles testify that the college was initially launched for the purpose of education the children of the Dutch trading community.

All saints' college owns a very long and a bright history for more than a century . At the period 137 students were studding in the school . After the Second world war the school carried to the mountain Justin. It is difficult to find more instructions about the school during this period.

Because of that we unable to explain the school history for about 67 years. Till 1959 school had been controlled by "DIOGISON" educational committee. There were 392 pupils in 1953, 412 pupils in 1958, 565 pupils in 1960 and 746 pupils in 1966, from 1959 the school controls by the government. because of that school called Galle central college (Galle M.M. vidyalaya). From 1953 Mr. E.P. Silva worked as a principal.